Prime Access Consulting (PAC) is an inclusive design firm operating in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Our inclusive design methodology is applied to everything PAC works on. Whether we are helping design an exhibition or an entire museum, achieve a fully WCAG conformant and accessible website, building a fully inclusive mixed-reality experience, or conducting any of our many accessibility and inclusive design trainings, we center inclusivity at the heart of our practice. The output of this methodology is not only accessibility, but rich products and experiences enjoyable by all people in an operationally scalable and sustainable manner.

PAC's accessibility and inclusivity efforts are led by Sina Bahram and Corey Timpson. The team is composed of subject matter experts whose unique skills, experience, intersectional identities, and efforts inform and enrich our practice.

We believe that design is for everyone. Whether helping with the fundamentals of the built environment or the exacting nuances of advanced digital interfaces, we believe that good design is inclusive design. This means recognizing and honoring the agency of all people independent of ability and disability. We subscribe to the environmental/social model of disability, which recognizes that the problem is that our environments are disabling, not people being disabled. This commitment is centered in all that we do and everyone with whom we collaborate. It is the impetus that drives our work and fuels our eagerness to explore, engage with, and comprehensively solve the most challenging problems. We invite you to join us in building a more equitable, delightful, and welcoming world for everyone.