Meet the Team

Our team is composed of subject matter experts whose unique skills, experience, intersectional identities, and efforts inform and enrich our practice.

Sina Bahram


Sina is a blind computer scientist, consultant, researcher, speaker, and entrepreneur. He works with executive management, policy makers, engineering teams, content creators, designers, and others to promulgate accessibility and inclusive design throughout an organization. In 2012, President Obama recognized Sina as a White House Champion of Change for his work making Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) more accessible. Sina is an expert whitness, has spoken at the United Nations (UN), and worked on digital accessibility cases at all levels, including the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Sina serves on and chairs various corporate, academic, and non-profit boards. As an Astro Access ambassador, he's passionate about making space travel inclusive for all. In 2022, Sina was honored as a Thea-award winner being named as one of the two inaugural Catalyst award recipients by the Themed Entertainment Association, and in 2023, Sina received the Innovation award from the Society for Experiential Graphic Designs (SEGD).

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Corey Timpson


Corey is an experience designer and strategist. He was the VP and Project Director for the design-build of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights creating the most inclusively accessible cultural venue. Corey's practice focuses on creating meaningful experiences through inclusive and multisensory storytelling. Corey is the Chair of the American Alliance of Museum's Media & Technology PN, is an Advisory Board member of Best in Heritage, and is a board member of the Portrait Gallery of Canada.

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Rob Itri Vincent

Director of Design

Rob is a creative leader with over 20 years of experience guiding teams of designers, developers, and media producers. Rob has been responsible for exhibit, graphic, and interface design; information architecture; transmedia storytelling; and audio/video production. His creative and technical approaches ensure alignment with the best practices of each medium, the strictest interpretive exhibition standards, organizational brand alignment, and international standards in inclusive design and accessibility.

A black and white headshot of an Indigenous Métis man with light skin and a toothy grin. Pictured from the chest up, head tilted slightly to our left, and smile wrinkles surround his eyes. He has short, quaffed salt and pepper hair and full beard. He wears a light grey button-down shirt in front of a dark background.

James Scholes

Director of Digital Accessibility

James has been working in accessibility since 2012. Blind from birth, he has a passion for experiences that embody a fundamental understanding of how different audiences interact with digital products. He revels in the opportunity to solve unique user interface challenges for PAC's larger clients. In his downtime, he is a keen crime fiction reader, enjoys taking on friends and colleagues at Hearthstone, dabbles in software development, and occasionally picks up a musical instrument or two.

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Sam Shaw

Director of Operations

Sam has worked in Web Development for the past five years and has a background in Project Management and Computer Science. He got his start working with access technologies in 2012 at Perkins School for the Blind where he directed the Student Technology center. During this time, he developed and implemented a curriculum that taught students valuable social skills and how to effectively utilize various technologies. Sam's incredible coordination and logistics talents not only keep PAC's operations smooth and efficient, but help make PAC such a delightful place to work and play. He currently lives in Maine with his wife and two dogs, and enjoys spending his free time pursuing his passions of home renovation, music, surfing, and fixing things in his workshop.

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Rehab Ahmed

Accessibility Engineer

Rehab is a Dubai-based computer engineer with rich accessibility knowledge and experience. She is deeply committed to making the web accessible to all. With over five years of experience, Rehab has gained extensive knowledge of accessibility guidelines and has hands-on experience with all major accessibility environments. Rehab is passionate about making a difference in people's lives by ensuring their independence through accessible technology. Outside of work, Rehab believes that blockchain and cryptocurrency have the potential to provide human empowerment and financial inclusion, and she's interested in exploring how they can be leveraged to make a positive impact in the world.

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Maria Braswell

Inclusive Design Specialist

Maria is an experience designer, graphic designer, content developer, and art historian. She earned her MFA in Exhibition Planning + Design at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where she developed a user-centered, story-driven approach that prioritizes experimentation and iteration to create inclusive museum experiences. Since joining PAC as an Inclusive Design Specialist, she has enjoyed focusing on developing inclusive wayfinding tactics that foster a sense of belonging and increase engagement for all visitors.

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Isabel Del Castillo

Access Technology Specialist

Isabel has been working with PAC since 2020 and specializes in access technology testing. She is the primary force behind our work on the ARIA-AT project, having single-handedly written over 5,000 assertions relating to the expected behaviour of screen readers on the web. Outside the company, she is a graduate in Law, holds a Masters in Education, has a background in teaching, and is becoming known in the local area for her cakes and other baked treats.

A headshot of a woman with light skin, and straight dark hair parted in the middle and pulled back, shown from mid-torso up. She has a slight smile and cloudy eyes. Her blouse is black, long-sleeved, embellished with embroidery, and features a keyhole neckline with a tassel tie, laying just below her collarbone.

Luke Leiby

Junior Software Developer

Luke is a blind computer scientist with both systems and web development experience. He is keen on contributing to technical solutions that foster accessible interactions in public spaces. Luke helps maintain internal technologies like the PAC website, backend tools, and various dev-ops engineering flows. His work enables team members with varying technical expertise to update site content and design. He enjoys watching football and playing Hearthstone in his downtime.

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Project Manager

Kelly has extensive experience working in libraries and cultural heritage institutions, with a focus on project management for technically complex digital library projects. At PAC, she collaborates with a team of accessibility experts to guide a wide spectrum of clients to build accessible web experiences. Before joining PAC, Kelly earned a masters in Library and Information Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, after which she served in a myriad of roles in libraries. On the side, she enjoys quilting and DIY house projects from Durham, North Carolina.

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Robin Marquis

Senior Inclusion Strategist

Robin is a disabled artist, educator, and organizer with over a decade of experience leading community-based initiatives and programming centering diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion. Previous to joining PAC, they were Co-Director at the Peale, Baltimore's community museum, and Community Outreach Coordinator for Access Smithsonian. Robin believes that engaging disabled artists, communities and organizers results in cultural organizations that center joy, creativity, and empathy.

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Sara Mikail

Senior Project Manager

Sara has worked both in and with museums and cultural organizations for over a decade in various capacities. Having obtained a master’s degree at the University of Leicester’s Museum Studies Program, Sara developed a belief in the power of creating meaningful experiences to engage and interact with people as a means of encouraging positive change. As a Project Manager, Sara has overseen projects ranging in size from small exhibit renewals to being part of the team that managed the fabrication and installation of the 419,000 square-foot Royal Alberta Museum, the largest museum in western Canada. Whether she is overseeing program planning, implementation, and delivery or exhibit design, fabrication, and installation, Sara’s talents to keep projects moving forward and team members aligned are incredible assets in this deeply important and meaningful work.

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Alexandra Terec

Digital Accessibility Coordinator

Alexandra is an Accessibility subject matter expert with over 5 years of experience using access technologies to review digital products. She applies a user-centered approach to identify and document the solutions to accessibility and usability problems. At PAC, Alexandra drives much of our ongoing evolution of best practices, internal accessibility guidelines, and training materials. She lives in Ontario, Canada, and enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends, gardening, and volunteering in her community.

The headshot of a White woman with light skin, dark shoulder-length straight hair, and a wide smile. Her head tilted slightly to our right and her arms folded in front of her, resting on something out of the frame of the photo. She wears a white turtleneck sweater with a loose-fitting collar.