We are fortunate to be working on a number of projects globally; from large capital builds to small incubator projects and from rich multisensory experience design to enterprise architecture and capacity building. No matter the type of the project, our inclusive design methodology is applied as we endeavor to welcome the widest possible audience in an inclusive and operationally sustainable manner.

Website Accessibility for

A screenshot of the Field Museum website featuring large text "Digging for Dinosaurs Frozen in Time" over a full-screen background image of visitors looking at a T-rex skeleton. A small menu appears in the upper right.
Field Museum

Helping make the new Field Museum website an accessible experience for all visitors.

Image Share with the Diagram Center

Sina sitting a table with two men; one man with a long beard formed into two points converses with Sina about an aspect of a project while the other man listens in.

A platform to make it easier to find and use accessible materials that support learning STEM concepts.

Web Accessibility for TNEW Ticketing Interface

A website screenshot features "One Unified System" in large, red font in the middle. Various navigational items are listed along the top of the page; provided services are listed at the bottom of the page along a bulleted, linear red arch.

PAC consulted and advised Tessitura on building their new ticketing platform, TNEW, in a way that would be accessible for all users.

Accessible Labels App for “The Senses” Exhibition

A dark wall features even darker text describing adjectives to describe how we sense our world, the words "The Senses, Design Beyond Vision" are raised from the surface of the dark wall in yellow and white.
Cooper Hewitt

PAC collaborated with Cooper Hewitt to develop a braille labeling system for consuming rich exhibition information through an accessible mobile application.

A Scavenger Hunt Powered by Coyote

A light-skinned hand holds up a smartphone with the screen facing you. The screen reads, "YOU ARE CORRECT!" at the top and "NEXT CLUE" in the bottom right-hand corner.
MCA Chicago

A game for sighted users to find objects through image description created alongside expanding functionality of the Coyote software.

Brand Guidelines Evaluation for the Field Museum

Bright blue and white Field Museum–branded business cards, notecards, pencils, and letterhead are neatly laid out on top of a grey surface.
Field Museum

A review of visual brand identity to develop improvements to guidelines and implementation methods to make accessible products.

Inclusive Design Policy for CMHR

Screenshot of a webpage with a teal blue bar on top announcing "Mandela: Struggle for Freedom extended until late summer 2019." Below that are two rows of navigational items. The majority of the image is a photo of an older woman looking off towards the left and large text that reads, "This is such a momentous occasion . . . My sister, a woman, a Black woman, is on the $10 bill."
Canadian Museum for Human Rights

PAC ensures CMHR Policy and Governance follows inclusive design best practices.

Inclusive Digital Interactives for CMHR

A finger presses the increase volume button on a rubberized keypad with buttons for speak, zoom, back, home, help, and navigation.
Canadian Museum for Human Rights

PAC ensured that the exhibitions and digital interactives at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights are accessible.

Inclusively Designed Mobile Application for CMHR

A text box with the words, "Journey of Inspiration," placed below an icon of a mobile phone and headphones, is displayed on a mobile phone.
Canadian Museum for Human Rights

PAC helped CMHR design a mobile application that was part of an inclusive design ecosystem.

Andy Warhol Tactile Reproductions and Mobile Application

Two textured replicas of pictured artworks are presented on a table at waist height, angled upward at a 45 degree angle from the wall.
The Andy Warhol Museum

A mobile application featuring guided tours that accompany robust tactile replicas of Andy Warhol artworks.

UncleGoose: Accessible Blocks-Based Programming

We Scheme Interface: Documentation page. On the left is a column of functions with a search box; on the right a column of images of code block elements and programming documentation.

PAC helped Bootstrap build an accessible blocks-based programming environment.

Experience Programming in Quorum (EPIQ)

Sina sits at a table wearing headphones and hands on his laptop keyboard, next to many other people at computers and other devices. The tables are full of boxes and small robotic devices.
Quorum Outreach and Research Foundation

A workshop for educators to learn the foundational skills necessary to teach students computer science using the Quorum programming language.

Website Accessibility for

The letters "MCA" fill the upper left-hand corner of a screenshot of the homepage.
MCA Chicago

PAC worked with the MCA to make accessible.

The Coyote Project

A screenshot of the resources page of the Coyote software shows several images and their captions as well as their description status.
MCA Chicago

The Coyote Project was built in collaboration with MCA Chicago to create a system for writing, editing, and publishing descriptions of art.

Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator

A hand holds up a graphing calculator displaying the front side with a small single-color screen and an extensive array of calculating buttons.
Orbit Research

With Orbit Research, PAC created accessible features for the TI-84 Plus talking graphing calculator.

Exploring the Gallery through Voice

Sina stands with a group of 6 other people, all smiling and standing close together.
Cooper Hewitt

Developing new ways of engaging with exhibition content by using Amazon Alexa in concert with interpretive content.