Image Share with the Diagram Center

Client: Benetech

Project Description

The accessibility community needed to find ways to make it easier to search and discover appropriate educational materials for key STEM concepts, such as 2-D and 3-D models, astronomy diagrams, or anatomical models. PAC worked with the Diagram Center initiative at Benetech to conceptualize and build a platform that allows users to search across multiple resource collections and to apply new search parameters that facilitate search and discovery of personalized learning materials. Furthermore, creating a shared collection helps minimize redundancies in the production of expensive and time-intensive alternative files, both within and across organizations.

Project Images

  • A small crowd hovers behind and around Sina coding at table, illuminated by his laptop screen.
    Sina working with the team at Benetech
  • Sina leans into a conversation with a Benetech team member while sitting at a round table filled with laptops.
    Sina engages with a Benetech team member during a hack-a-thon
  • Sina sits a table with two men at a round table; one man with a long beard formed into two points is in conversation with Sina while the other man listens in.
    Sina works with Doug Schepers and another employee at Benetech