Inclusively Designed Mobile Application for CMHR

Client: Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Project Description

The mobile application at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) is an integral part of a concept known as the Universal Access Point (UAP). The UAP ensures that there's always multiple ways of accessing anything at the museum. You can use the universal keypad (UKP) to listen and enlarge the content or you can use your own device to access this content via the mobile app.

All stops have a number, which is both embossed and in braille. By typing this number into the mobile app, you can bring up all content, videos, and related material about the exhibition. All of the accessibility enhancements are present on the mobile app, as they are in the galleries. This includes audio description, captions, subtitles, sign language, and transcripts. All of these affordances are available in both English and French. All stops are also enhanced with a Bluetooth low-energy beacon, which the mobile application can listen for to bring up the content associated with where you are located. The mobile application also has other features such as a mood map for visitors to report on and visualize their reactions to often-times emotionally difficult content. Even this mood map and other highly visual features are made 100% accessible in CMHR's mobile application.

Project Images

  • A text box with the words, "Journey of Inspiration," placed below an icon of a mobile phone and headphones, is displayed on a mobile phone.
    The landing page for the audio guide on CMHR's mobile app.
  • Small icons at the top of a mobile phone screen are labeled, from left to right, Menu, Near Me, Map, and Keypad. At the bottom of the phone's screen is a rectangular box with the word "Next" inside. Above the box is the text, "Tap the icons to explore content."
    The landing page on first install of theCMHR's mobile app.
  • A simple keypad with a text box and the text, "Enter a Exhibit number," is displayed on a black mobile phone.
    A page on CMHR's mobile app to enter stop numbers.
  • A mobile phone mockup of a map of an unusually shaped, four-elled building is overlaid with a small, blue thumbnail. The map is labeled "Floor 1: Buhler Hall." There is also a search field and X to close the window.
    A map of the museum on CMHR's mobile app.
  • A drop-down menu is depicted on a mobile phone listing: Information, Buy Tickets, Become a Member, Connect, Large Type, Language, Video Captions, About this App, and Terms of Use. The menu is translucent and shows the background screen, which features an icon of a phone and headphones above a text box with "Journey of Inspiration."
    The menu of CMHR's mobile app.