Web Accessibility for TNEW Ticketing Interface

Client: Tessitura

Project Description

As accessibility becomes more of a priority for cultural institutions to welcome the widest possible audience, clients of Tessitura, a ticketing system used by hundreds of museums and performing arts venues for ticket sales, general admission, gift certificates, memberships, and donations, found themselves asking for more accessibility in the TNEW interface, the public facing part of the product that visitors were regularly engaging with.

PAC worked with the team at Tessitura while they were developing TNEW Version 7 to create a far more accessible interface for the range of activities museums rely on for income generation. This project is particularly unique, as the coding work had to be done so that the hundreds of museum and theater clients would be able to style, and customize, their visitor buying experiences to fit within their existing visual identities.

Project Images

  • A website screenshot features "One Unified System" in large, red font in the middle. Various navigational items are listed along the top of the page; provided services are listed at the bottom of the page along a bulleted, linear red arch.
    A screenshot of the TessituraNetwork.com landing page.