A Scavenger Hunt Powered by Coyote

Client: MCA Chicago

Project Description

Through a grant from the Knight Foundation, PAC collaborated with MCA Chicago to create a game based on descriptions created using Coyote. A key goal of the project was to improve the functionality and structure of the open-source Coyote software to better support cultural institutions of a range of sizes in a hosted environment.

The project enabled us to share the software at many of Chicago's cultural organizations and for the MCA Design, Publishing, and Digital Media team to provide them training on image description. While making Coyote more accessible for use by more institutions, we also set out to make a fun web-based game, using image descriptions to fuel a scavenger hunt for sighted visitors. This work promoted the importance of accessibility and image description as a part of that work to both the institutions and members of the public who played the game.

Project Images

  • A light-skinned hand holds up a smartphone with the screen facing you. The screen reads, "YOU ARE CORRECT!" at the top and "NEXT CLUE" in the bottom right-hand corner.
    The Coyote Scavenger hunt shown on an iPhone.
  • A group of people stands in front of a table marked by a sign that reads, "Play the Coyote Scavenger Hunt!"
    The Coyote Scavenger hunt welcome table at the MCA Chicago.
  • A grouping of Alexander Calder's mobiles and stabiles is depicted. On the right side of the image, a curly haired person, who is mostly cut off from the image, holds a phone up in front of the works.
    A visitor uses the scavenger hunt in the museum's galleries.