Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator

Client: Orbit Research

Project Description

The TI-84 Plus is a powerful graphing calculator, but if you can't see the screen, this places you at a significant disadvantage at school and at work. Orbit Research and the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) set out to address this problem. Their adaptation of the TI-84 Plus is called Orion.

Orion adds speech, sounds, vibration, and navigational buttons to the calculator. We were happy to be part of the Orion journey. In addition to helping test the accessible TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator, PAC advised on aspects of how to sonify graphs, translate a field-based text interface into speech, and use haptics to help with the exploration of graphs and datasets.

Project Images

  • A hand holds up a graphing calculator displaying the front side with a small single-color screen and an extensive array of calculating buttons.
  • An over-the-shoulder view of a person holding a large calculator, entering in information.
  • The back of a black calculator case with the words, "Orion TI-84 Plus - Talking Graphing Calculator."