Website Accessibility for

Client: Field Museum

Project Description

When the Field Museum set out to build a new website,, they wanted it to be as inclusive and accessible to the widest possible audience. They brought PAC on board very early in the design process to consult on their brand guidelines that would be the foundation for their new website.

Because the Field wanted to show what it’s like to visit the museum, the web design relied heavily on imagery. PAC worked with the Field and their agency, Purple Rock Scissors, to enhance inclusion from early on in the design phase. This work involved efforts to maintain visual legibility within required color contrast levels across the site in various ways. For instance, headlines displayed over a semi-transparent layer on top of the image, which increases contrast between the white text and the background image. Furthermore, PAC worked with the Field team to develop an area of the site dedicated to communicating the range of accessible offerings the museum has to offer. PAC also audited to ensure maximum accessibility.

Project Images

  • A screenshot leads with the header "Discover more at the Field" and various blocks of content—four on the left-hand side, one on the right-hand side—show images, titles, and categories.
    The "discover" feature on
  • Light gray boxes are labeled with different categories and titles below a header that reads "Explore more science at the Field."
    The Field Museum's "discover" wireframes
  • A screenshot of a Field Museum webpage featuring a vertical arrangement of images, including a close-up of a bone and an archeologist in a dirt field as well as blocks of text and related links at the bottom of the page.
    The exhibition page for Maximo the Titanosaur on
  • A screenshot of the Field Museum homepage features a header that reads, "Meet the world's largest dinosaurs," followed by 5 distinct sections.
    The homepage for
  • A snippet of the Field Museum's website featuring large text reading, "Digging for Dinosaurs Frozen in Time," over a full-screen background image of visitors looking at a T-rex skeleton. A small menu appears in the upper right-hand side.
    The carousel header of the homepage for