AstroAccess Ambassadors Complete a Zero-G Parabolic Flight Mission

October 17, 2021

PAC's founder Sina Bahram, served as one of twelve AstroAcess Ambassadors, a pioneering group of disabled researchers, scientists, and designers. The team successfully completed their first mission: a parabolic flight to test various accessibility and inclusive design considerations in several gravity environments - lunar gravity, Martian gravity, and microgravity. Sina worked with several other blind and low-vision ambassadors to specifically explore barriers and conditions related to orientation, navigation and wayfinding in these gravities without the use of sight. This critical mission yielded valuable insight for future explorations. “I knew it would be a joyous experience just because I looked forward to it for many decades of my life" Sina said. A lifelong space enthusiast, Sina was excited to contribute to such an important project with such esteemed peers.