AstroAccess Historic ZERO-G Parabolic Flight Mission

October 17, 2021

PAC’s founder, Sina Bahram, will serve as a crew member for the inaugural mission of AstroAccess, made possible by an incredible team of collaborators. Sina, and his fellow Astro Ambassadors will experience weightlessness and carry out lunar gravity, Martian gravity, and zero gravity observations and experiments investigating how the physical environment aboard space vessels should be modified so that all astronauts and explorers, regardless of disability on Earth, can live, work, and thrive in space. This historic mission is a critical first step in ensuring inclusion in the future of space travel and exploration for current and future generations.

About AstroAccess

AstroAccess is dedicated to advancing disability inclusion in space exploration for the benefit of humankind. The first mission will fly on 17 October 2021 with the ultimate goal of flying one or more team members to space in the coming years. The project is supported through the Whitesides Foundation and is part of the SciAccess Initiative, an international organization dedicated to advancing disability inclusion in STEM. The fiscal sponsor of the project is Yuri’s Night, a non-profit space advocacy organization.