BBC Sounds Ouch! Podcast: ‘It was Magical’ – The First Disabled Crew to Fly in Zero-Gravity

November 9, 2021

PAC's founder Sina Bahram was featured on the November edition of the BBC Sounds - Ouch! podcast to discuss his experience as one of twelve AstroAccess Ambassadors, and the experiments they performed during their parabolic flight. "We were really focused on accessible space flight solutions of course to help us as the disabled community, but also because we think that it can benefit the entire aerospace community as a whole" Sina said. "This is something that we take really seriously, because it’s not just a matter of inclusivity but also safety. If there is a safety issue, the lights go out, equipment malfunctions, or something of that nature - the considerations and affordances that have been implemented for enhanced accessibility are now critical for anyone that may not have the use of vision, hearing, and related senses and abilities." There is also an accompanying BBC article that discusses Sina Bahram and Mary Cooper's experience as AstroAccess ambassadors 'It was magical' - meet the first disabled crew to fly in zero-gravity