Just the Beginning: PAC’s Founder Joins GHS AIAA Mission: AstroAccess Panel Discussion

January 28, 2022

On January 28, 2022, Sina Bahram, PAC Founder and space exploration enthusiast, joined two other Mission: AstroAccess flight crew members, Apurvia Vari and Dana Bolles, in a group panel discussion in which the three shared their flight experiences, the outcomes of their in-flight experiments, and how the flight impacted them personally and professionally. The panelists talked about how this mission brought attention to some of the most fundamental problems that disabled persons can experience - things like wayfinding, and how one does exactly that, especially in challenging, dynamic environments, and especially without sight -- and how finding solutions to these accessibility problems will benefit everyone, not just disabled people. All of the panelists agreed that the support from the crew and flight staff who made their journey possible was unparalleled, and all agreed that, despite the short duration of the experience - about 96 hours, "an extended weekend" as Sina described it -- that they all left feeling like a family united by its goals, dreams, and passions for space and all things space exploration. For those studying accessibility, space exploration, accessibility, and design, these amazing journeys are indeed just the beginning, and Sina will hopefully get to experience his first suborbital - and, who knows, maybe even orbital -- flights soon. He will have many fascinating things to say about those experiences as well, and will bring back crucial lessons that will help advance not only science, but also society, one parabola and flight at at time.