Museum Computer Network (MCN) 2019 in San Diego, CA

November 5 to 8, 2019

PAC's founder, Sina Bahram, and Corey Timpson, long-time friend and collaborator of PAC presented at the 2019 MCN Conference for a session titled "Multi-Sensory Design Towards Inclusion and Access". Many multi-sensory exhibitions aim to create immersive experiences, yet remain inaccessible for a variety of visitors. This session will examine multi-sensory exhibition design and how engaging various senses can provide not only a rich and immersive experience, but can facilitate greater accessibility, widening audiences, increasing demographics, and facilitate inclusion. Examples from different museums will be examined for not only what they achieved, but the potential they hold (or held) for increasing inclusion and access. The presentation deck from their discussion is linked above.

Originally published at Sina and Corey's slides from MCN 2019