PAC Named Winner of SEGD’s 2023 Innovation Award August 26, 2023

On August 26, 2023, SEGD (The Society for Experiential Graphic Design) held its 50th Anniversary "Look Both Ways" Celebration and Conference in Washington, D.C, at which it announced PAC as the winner of its 2023 Innovation Award.

Founded in 1978, SEGD began its granting awards in 1987 as a way of "[recognizing] outstanding individuals, pioneering companies, and influential institutions..." for their "...profound contributions to the fields of experiential and environmental graphic design." Each year, in addition to its Global Design Awards, SEGD also selects winners for six different categories of Achievement Awards, designed to "honor the people and companies who set the standard for excellence" and "...leaders, mentors, catalysts for innovation and ingenuity...", "whose vision raises the bar..." and those "who have had a remarkable impact..." in the aforementioned design fields, aell as on "...our broader community." The other Achievement Awards categories include Distinguished Member, Insight, Educator, Chapter Chair, and Fellow.

With this award, SEGD has recognized and lauded PAC for its industry-leading work, wherein PAC's team has demonstrated "innovative expertise and processes that have expanded the potential impact and engagement..." of experiential design.

PAC's leadership team and employees were incredibly proud and honored to receive SEGD's award for their industry-leading work, and express their deepest gratitude and appreciation.