“Who Can Get Your Book” Launches to Raise Awareness on Publication Access and Availability

February 24, 2021

PAC was delighted to work with the excellent folks at Fight for the Future to assist in the launch of "Who Can Get Your Book", a newly created platform that identifies the availability of publications produced in paper, E-book, and audio formats. The site discusses why these formats are important from a broad accessibility standpoint including increasing access to individuals with disabilities, those with low income, illiteracy, and addressing authoritarian surveillance barriers. The platform provides a quiz for writers and publishers that indicates a score of access and availability based on decisions in the publishing process in an effort to expand the adoption of more accessible formats across the publishing industry. The site also provides explanations for various publication formats to educate on how they serve to increase access to a range of individuals. PAC provided accessibility consulting on the development of the project and worked with the incredible team at Fight the Future to ensure this outstanding new resource was born accessible.